Trainings / Skills

2011 Capp Asia conference Singapore
2012 September” Intensive Course All-on-4″ IPI Munich/Germany
2012 Capp Asia conference Singa
2013 Principles of Functional Analysis Part 1 -Thiel Seminars/Amtzell/Germany
2013 Principles of Functional Analysis Part 2 -Thiel Seminars/Amtzell/Germany
2013 Diagnostic suitable therapy of the dysfunctional patient Weko/Westerburg/Germany
2013 Minimal invasive, Functional and Aesthetic Restoration of Frontal and Posterior Teeth Weko/Westerburg/Germany
2013 Capp Asia/Minimal Invasive treatment with veneers Dr.Eduardo Mahn/Singapore
2013 Capp Asia conference Singapore
2013 Craniomandibular Dysfunction-Diagnosis and Therapy- Thiel Seminars/Amtzell/Germany
2014 Functional Prosthetics -Dental school/Tuebingen/Germany
2014 Functional Analysis and Functional Therapy- Pfaff-Institute Berlin/Germany
2014 Implantation Prosthetics for Dentists and Technicians -IpI/Munich/Germany
2015 The Implant Bed, Concept of Augmentation and Site Development Part 1 IPI/Munich/Germany
2015 The Implant Bed, Concepts of Augmentation and Site Development Part 2 IPI/Munich/Germany
2015 Frontal Dental Implant IPI/Munich/Germany
2015 Implant Surgery IPI/Munich/Germany
2015 Capp Asia conference Singapore
2015 Fondaco/Vita dental ceramic workshop Singapore
2016 UCLA Los Angeles/ School of Dentistry – Advanced training in aesthetic dentistry
2017 Capp Asia conference Singapore
2017 Dr. Paul Mathieu -Guided Bone Regeneration (Marseille) France
2018 Soft and Bone Tissue Around the Implants, The delay and immediate approach – Dr. Venceslav Stankov
2018 Closing Diastema in anterior teeth – Dr. Galit Talmor(Israel)
2018 Treatment planning session- Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli
2018 Composite Restorations: Protocols for anterior Esthetics(Dr.Frederico Ferraris)
2018 Direct esthetic restorations in anteriors class 4 restorations(Dr. Gaetano Paolone-Italy)
2018 Mobile Dental Photography – Prof.Louis Hardan
2019 Predictable Guided Bone Regeneration in The Aesthetic Zone Masterclass – Hassan Maghareh/Uk

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