Dental Packages Holiday Trips

Discover our dental packages. Send us your treatment plan and your favorite destination and we will give you a package price.
In case you want to book one of the packages, contact us right away. Choose from the following destinations:

Package A: Daytrip Intramurus(Manila)

Experience the history of the Philippines. The Spanish history of Intramurus is very interesting and colorful. BOOK NOW

Package B: Daytrip Tagaytay

The world famous Tagaytay highlands are one of the major tourist-attractions of the Philippine islands. You also can avail this 1 day trip and enjoy a nice view at the volcano seas around this area. BOOK NOW

Package C: 3 days trip Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is easy and fast to reach from Manila. The nice beach and the good nightlife is one of the reasons to travel to Puerto Galera. BOOK NOW

Package D: 5 days trip Palawan

Palawan with its wonderful nature is one of the major attractions for tourists who choose tp travel to the Philippines. The amazing beaches and the virgin islands of this “nature pearl” turn this trip into an unforgotten experience. You can also visit the Sabang Underground river, a “Unesco world heritage”. BOOK NOW!

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