Dental Tourism in Manila is the Best

Interested in dental tourism in the Philippines?
If you choose the Philippines for your dental treatments, you are making a decision that many people made before you.
Unlike other locations, it is rather common for many tourists to combine the visits to a dentist in Philippines with a wonderful vacation in this area.
map of the Philippines islands
Low cost dental treatments are the number one reason for the popularity of the place, but there are other benefits, too, which will be further detailed.
Why choose the Philippines for dental tourism?
Dental packages in the Philippines include X-ray, molds, anesthesia, and yet they are significantly cheaper than what you will find in most developed countries.

For millions of people around the world without dental insurance, dental holidays to the Philippines is clearly an attractive option.

Proximity and Convenience: Philippines is quite close to Australia and New Zealand, and this makes traveling for dental checkups easier. It does not take more than 4-9 hours to travel from Australia and New Zealand in case you choose direct flights, depending on which city you are flying from.

Citizens from Australia and New Zealand who have valid passports for 6 months are allowed to stay in the Philippines without a visa for 30 days or longer. Below there are some sample flight paths to Manila/Philippines from major cities in Australia and New Zealand:

Dental prosthesis, equipment, and technology

Dental materials and equipment used in dental clinics in the Philippines are the same as those used in first world countries. In fact, they are imported from first world countries such as Germany, USA and other countries. For instance, in most clinics, only dental implants from reputed companies like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Camlog are used.

Fixed Price Dentistry

Dental vacation packages that include fixed price remove the uncertainty of how much the final cost will be. Unlike in most first world countries where medical costs are not always known in advance, before traveling for dental treatments to the Philippines, the total costs are clear. Dental x-rays are typically recommended in advance, before the trip.


Top dental clinics in the Philippines are very strict about hygiene and sterilizing techniques . They have English speaking experienced staff handling foreign patients. Philippines cosmetic dentists, implantologists and other specialists have a high level of experience and skills because of their large amount of cases they handle every day.

Accommodation is one of the basic needs for any tourism activity, therefore here in the Philippines you have many accommodation choices, depending on your budget. Travelers and tourists need lodging for rest while they are on a tour. The accommodation may range from low budget lodges/hotels to world class luxury hotels available at all the major tourist destinations, to provide a home for the tourist.

In our clinic, we help our clients to book well in advance to lessen the hassle and help them get the best rates. We offer airport pick-ups and airport drop offs. Filipinos are known for being helpful and nice, that’s why Philippines is one of the best tourist destination in the world.

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