Quality is ensured by transparency and control

With regard to standard quality, in our clinic, we go beyond the normal perception of dental standards. We are delighted to meet the needs of our patients, not just for duty, but because we value our responsibility to change and improve the lives of our patients for the better. Zirconium blanks are the result of a high-tech manufacturing process designed to produce uncompromising quality.


Isostatic Post Drying

This method reduces the porosity of metals and increases the density of many ceramic materials that improve the mechanical properties of the material and their workability. Therefore, for all those who share the same sentiments for excellence in service delivery, we warmly present our zircon flakes, a homogenous product of medical zirconia ceramics. Like many other industrial products produced on mass production, zirconium whites are uniquely manufactured with special solutions specially developed for dental purposes. In turn, this brings immense benefits in the form of:

  • Good machinability
  • Precise shrinkage of sintering
  • High density and stability
  • Final resistance to aging
  • Biocompatibility
  • Clinical sustainability

Quality is not defined by the price

diamondNow, this process of producing white zirconium is proving rather uncomfortable and complex when executed with insufficient knowledge and skills as well as inconsistencies. Fortunately at Tooth & Go, we have a great sense of pride to surpass our patient’s expectations and see them leave with a smile instead of a frown on their face. We have therefore acquired advanced technology coupled with relevant skills and knowledge to ensure our end products are free from microstructure defects while maximizing a superior quality package.

Zirconia makes perfect prostheses
High performance ceramics mean high performance processes


The homogeneous structure of the material of our blanks provides the basis for the high-strength, absolute characteristics and long-term clinical durability of any dental prosthesis made from zirconium oxide. This is possible thanks to:

  • Automatic saving of each blank parameter before and after each step
  • Test the milling specimens of each batch
  • In-depth inspection of each batch for defects
  • Review of the quality of french fries

This material is even more translucent than other zirconium products and has a much higher strength than silica materials and glazed ceramics. The high translucency makes dental prostheses as transmissive as natural teeth so that they combine perfectly with the colors of neighboring teeth.


CAD / CAM system-Best combination of hardware and technology

In a world where patients are constantly receiving weak dentures because of a poorly synchronized milling system, the innovative DJ CAD / CAM eradicates these concerns with precise machining using advanced technological methods that allow us to offer our patients the treatment they deserve and quickly return Their natural smile.

This has inevitably removed the rest as the first choice in dental services in the Philippines.

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