What is Cerec?


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The Cerec CAD/CAM technology is a revolution in dentistry, which allows patients to get the highest quality restorations in only one visit to the dentist. The dentist starts by removing all of the decay from the tooth followed by a proper form. Since only a minimal preparation is required, there’s no need to prepare a fully retentive form which enables the doctor to retain a lot more of the existing tooth. Full ceramic crowns are cemented with special adhesive techniques which allow tooth preservation, reduces both the possibility of damaging the pulp and the need for a fully retentive form, unlike the conventional cementing techniques. During this procedure, patients are numbed to cease any pain.

Instead of making an impression of the teeth like the conventional way, the dentist uses a special scanning device that provides a detailed 3D image of the tooth. Instead of using impression material, a light dusting of reflective powder is used to get the digital records of the teeth including the form and preparation margins. The images are sent to a computer, where the dentist gets a very precise digital model of the teeth including all the hills and valleys. Then he has to review the image and decide if there’s a need to make any corrections to the tooth. Should he need to make any improvements, other series of images can be taken very easily to get the appropriate image, after which the reflective powder is rinsed with water from the patient’s mouth.

Cerec cad cam in Manila Philippines
The next step is designing the crown. The Cerec CAD/CAM system offers a software with a database that contains a variety of different teeth forms from where the dentist can choose by trying on different forms until he finds the right one. The software comes with multiple features such as replicating the function of the opposite tooth to have a crown similar to the natural one as much as possible. This way the dentist gets a virtual restoration which is sent to a milling unit. After designing the crown, the dentist has to choose the right color and shade from the material. This system uses small blocks of ceramic material.

Is Zirconia the best option?

In our clinic, we use Zirconia, Lithium disilicate, Feldspar ceramics and lithium disilicate zirconia hybrid materials (Vita Suprinity). For many years, we successfully use this material in our dental clinic. In our clinic, we use the Sirona InLab MC XL milling and grinding unit. The milling usually takes up to five minutes, which means that the patient gets the restoration the same day. On the other hand, with the conventional way, getting a crown might take up to a month and it requires several visits to the doctor’s office.

Figh tech ceramic milling unit
When the milling is finished, the dentist can take the crown, try to fit it and see if the crown needs any changes. Different stains and a glaze can be added to improve the appearance of the crown, and it only takes 10 minutes of waiting. Once the crown is complete it can be cemented to the prepared tooth. With this, the tooth gets its natural form, look, and function back. As our patient, you get to benefit fully from the luxury of choosing between different types of restorations packages that comes with the CAD/CAM system such as Dental Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays, and Veneers.

How long does the fabrication of a cerec restoration take?

The best part is that all of these can be done only in one visit so our esteemed patients get high-quality restorations, with absolutely no need for waiting, or several visits to the doctor’s office, no impression taking, and no need for temporary crowns because the Out Dental Clinic also forms part of our clinic. The restorations made with CAD/CAM are much more precise and fit much better than the ones made by hand. Because we utilize ceramic materials with high biocompatibility, without any side effects, you get a natural-looking and long-lasting restoration. This way our qualified doctors can improve your smile in only ONE visit…!!

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