CONSULTATION AND FLIGHT PACKAGE applicable for patients which treatment exceeds 10 000 Us Dollars)

Consultation flight

Our clinic offers FREE Consultation and Flight packages abroad

Here is what we offer our clients:

  • FREE one-night stay at one of our partner hotels which are easy to reach from our office (around 5-10 minutes by car, if traffic is moderate).
  • FREE Consultation and treatment plan
  • FREE OP X-ray
  • FREE Airport Transfers
  • Flight Ticket reimbursed

(We can reimburse a flight ticket worth of $500 of treatment if the total sum exceeds $10000).

The free consultation package is only applicable for patients who continue the treatment in our clinic, after the initial examination.

Consultation flight

If you are not yet convinced that you should get your dental treatment at Tooth & Go Clinic, please read the reviews written by other satisfied patients here.

What happens at a FREE consultation at Tooth & Go Dental Clinic

  • You get a free panoramic X-ray
  • you receive a free consultation from a cosmetic dentist, and if necessary, an oral surgeon
  • you are offered a comprehensive and precise treatment plan

Don’t hesitate any more. In case you want to have your consultation and treatment at our clinic, contact us right now.

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