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Overall our clients are satisfied with our services, nevertheless, we constantly trying to improve our services, if you have a recommendation, critics please leave it in our feedback form. Thank you- your team from Tooth& Go dental clinic.

Pammy Australia – Whatclinic

“Hi my name is Pammy and I have been a patient since 2012. Every time I visit Manila I incorporate going to the dentist. Over the years, I have had root canals, crowns veneers, new lower partial denture, cavities repaired and one crown implant. And my smile is so good now. The work is first class and then some. The attention to detail and getting everything perfect is astounding. And the bonus, I have made some lifelong friends (Rizza my travel buddy) and saved thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend choosing Tooth and Go Dental Clinic as your preferred dental experts.”

“Fantastic, is all I can say. The equipment is state of the art, the professionalism is second to none, the skill of the dentists and technicians are first class. Nothing is too much trouble, everybody genuinely cares about your treatment and well-being.”

Kenneth S.


Source: Google

Source: Google

I had spent 11 continuous years in Iraq and Afghan war zones under much stress, which resulted in grinding my teeth down, known as bruxism, and I didn’t think they could be fixed. Much to my surprise, these amazing dentists reconstructed my smile, and at a small fraction of the cost I would have paid in the United States. Their facility is exceptionally clean, and very modern with state of the art equipment, that does CAD CAM tooth – shaping on site, and very quickly, to customize your smile to your liking. I get very anxious having dental work done, especially during long procedures like preparing teeth to be capped; however, these professionals were very understanding and made me feel very comfortable by giving me the nitrous oxide gas at very low cost, which made the dental procedures seem to go by very quickly and without pain. I met many other Tooth & Go patients from many different countries, who had travelled long distances to have dental work there, and I didn’t meet a single one who wasn’t thrilled with happiness at the results they got from these excellent dentists. I got to know these wonderful dentists on a personal basis during my three months of procedures, and both have been exceptionally well trained by world class leaders in dentistry. Without reservation, I very strongly recommend Tooth & Go to everyone!


Anthony Arcega – Google

I accidentally chipped off one of my incisors earlier today. I decided to call TOOTH AND GO DENTAL CLINIC for an appointment. The clinic accommodated my request and booked my appointment at 2pm (which I really appreciated, very prompt to the needs of their patients). Dr. Elkie Lumagui was the dentist who handled my case and I am really satisfied with the way she handled my concern. She is very knowledgeable and skillful with what she does. She was really thorough with the procedure she did for my case. I had not experienced such outstanding service from any of my previous dentists. I am really satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. It seems that nothing happened with my incisor at all. I highly recommend this clinic for any dental procedures that you guys will be needing in the future. Thank you Dr. Elkie Lumagui!


Lynn Makati – Whatclinic

“2 wisdom tooth extraction, composite restoration, 2 porcelain crowns and internal bleaching,I felt very safe in the hands of the dentists who over saw my treatment. They were greatly informative of the treatments which were being carried out and chose what was best suited to achieve my desired outcome. During my treatments, my comfort was always taken into great consideration. The clinic is very professional and I am extremely happy with my new and improved smile.”


Richard Rumbelow – Google

Had a great treatment from the Tooth and Go Clinic. The quality of the work was amazing. The best equipped dental practice in the Philippines. Their Dentists and technicians are highly skilled and qualified. I will continue to use their services to keep my teeth healthy


Jesa Philippines – Whatclinic

“I’ve got my Veneers done here. Been having problems with my 2 front teeth for several years and now I am confidently smiling shining brightly now, thanks to Dr. Elkie. She got my problem solved 🙂 And now she is also doing Orthodontic Braces for my 12 year old daughter. Truly,a world class dental service. Super highly recommended. :)”

“It’s so convenient to wait in their lounge area with a spacious and clean ambience clinic. World class and high technology x-ray machines and dental chairs and other dental equipment are used. Two thumbs up :)”


Roger Bardu – Whatclinic

“The treatment and procedure went exactly how I had wished. Flexible, friendly and no complications at all. Excellent Staff and an altogether good experience. I would highly recommend.”


Ian Harris – Google

I’ve been to Tooth & Go twice now, in July & December (2015) for various treatments ranging from root canals to crowns & bridges. All of the dental work carried out by Tooth & Go has been verified by my dentist in Perth to be of the highest quality in terms of materials used and workmanship. The Surgery itself is of a world class standard, i.e. hygienically clean with modern equipment and competent friendly staff, and anybody who requires dental treatment at an affordable price should first consider Tooth & Go.


Amanda Starosa Laguna – Whatclinic

“2 thumbs up for Dr. Elkie & her staff and a special mention to Dr. Tim, Rizza the friendly receptionist and to the magic hands of the lab tech (I’m sorry didn’t get your name)!!! Super happy with the overall experience at your clinic and definitely you’ll see me back next year!!! Thank you for that winning smile (more tips at work), love you all!!!”


Ingelin Paranaque city – Whatclinic

“3D X-ray. Cleaning. Air abrashion. Fillings. I’m pleased with the result. I’m pleased with the price.”


France Las Pinas – Whatclinic

“The treatment went very well. The doctors are very keen in every treatment. Their goal is satisfaction beyond their patients expectations. High quality works, a good reason to smile after the treatment. Thank you Dr. Elkie and staff’s :)”


Eddie Philippines – Whatclinic

“I was a LeFort II surgery patient, so doing dental procedures on me are relatively difficult because of the metal plates on my facial bones. However, this clinic far exceeded my expectations. Not only that they did a very good job on me, but they made me feel at home and at ease during each and every session I had with them. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The dentists were experts in their field and were very professional. They will explain critical details and answer all the questions you have in mind. The clinic was very clean and the medical equipment were state of the art. This is a one-stop-shop for all your dental needs. Next month, I am planning to transfer the dental records of my kids and my wife here. Highly recommended!”


Alf Klimek – Google

Once again, and this is the sixth time we visited Tooth and Go in Manila from Melbourne, Australia, the service and work was excellent. We were told in Australia that my wife needed three root canals at a big cost. Tooth and Go said, “We’re not so sure”. After extensive x-rays it was determined that her jaw was out of alignment. She didn’t need root canals. Tooth and Go sent her to an osteopathy together with one of their representatives. She had her jaw re-aligned and then she went straight back to the clinic where they made her a “splint” that keeps her jaw in place. How is that for service! We go to Manila because Tooth and Go are the best we’ve ever found. And this is no exaggeration… By the way, three cousins now go to Tooth and Go, including one who lives in Manila. They have the most modern equipment in the Philippines… Alf and Bianca Klimek


D. Australia – Whatclinic

“Affordable, pain-free and professional dentistry at its best! I experienced so much warmth and friendliness whilst being treated by a highly professional team of well qualified specialized dentists and their dental assistants.
Dr. Jens, Dr. Elkie, Dr. Melissa, Dr. Mark and Dr.Katrina gave me the best possible treatment always explaining each single step. Their attention to detail and not wanting to cause pain for me as their patient was incredible. The latest technologies and materials are used in order to give the most satisfactory and long lasting results. I do highly recommend Tooth & Go to anybody especially patients with fear of dental procedures. Here you are in the very best hands! And yes, dentists can be funny and great entertainers, too. It makes you want to go back! ;-)”


Kristine Singapore – Whatclinic

“I’m a working professional in Singapore. I recommend this clinic Tooth and Go. They provided excellent service for my tooth.”


Par Sweden – Whatclinic

“I am very pleased with the treatment I had in Feb 2012, and I am going back in a couple of weeks to have some more work done. This was the first time in my life that I really enjoyed going to the dentist. I am looking forward to see you again soon :)”


Cristian Melbourne – Whatclinic

“Hi, My name is Cristian Ambrozie and I’m from Melbourne, Australia (Mill Park). I would highly recommend Tooth & Go to everyone! The quality of work and service I’ve received is much better and more professional than the service we received in Australia and eastern Europe (Romania). The tools and technology used by this clinic are very new and I’ve never even seen or heard of these types of services in Australia. First (due to bad previous experience), I was skeptical of using the affiliated (B-Hotel) hotel chain, which was a silly decision on my behalf because B Hotel was fantastic! Unbeatable price for 10 nights or longer stay, free buffet breakfast and to top it off, a free shuttle service to use at any time within a 3-5 km radius. This is a 5 star hotel!!! Can’t wait to go back. Secondly, I’m terrified of needles and I had 6 injections in total and did not even feel one of them. As a matter of fact, I fell asleep in the chair during the procedure. This is because the dentists here are very professional, careful and use really effective local anaesthetic before the needles. I had a porcelain dental inlay created within 7 minutes with the help of 3-D scans of my tooth, an imaging device and a type of ‘milling machine’; this was fitted within 10-15 minutes. What more can I say? Fantastic!! Going back in October (2012) to finalize my dental implants and really looking forward to it! The whole team is fantastic and they went out of their way to help us feel welcome. Thank you Dr Jens and thank you Rizza (and the rest of the crew) for a fantastic job! See you all in October!!!! All the best, Cris”


Jerome Muntinlupa – Whatclinic

I’m extremely pleased with the treatment, result was perfect. I recommend that clinic because of the high quality work they did to me. Equipment is high end+++”


Gareth Hobart – Whatclinic

“The professional team at Tooth & Go show great attention to detail and are very precise. Every one was so nice, cooperative and so helpful. I am so happy that I found you guys and have been smiling ever since. I sincerely thank you 🙂 Gareth Pratley”


M. Buffalo Mills, PA – Whatclinic

Very pleased with treatment so far. Having had some unfortunate dental experiences elsewhere in the past, I thoroughly searched for the right dentist to do dental implants for my son since he lost his two front teeth in a biking accident in the States. I am happy to report that I have found the best dental clinic here in the Philippines. It is very clean, peaceful, and comfortable with TV, reading material, Wi-Fi, and cold water for those in the waiting room. The oral surgeon recommended a bone graft as the first step in my son’s treatment since it has been 6 years since the accident. Only the best imported grafting material was used and the surgery and healing process has gone well. After 3 months we hope the healing has progressed so the implants can be put in – earlier than normal because of the type of grafting material used. The doctors as well as all the staff here are quite professional, approachable and kind, promptly and patiently answering every question, from the initial contact by email and throughout the treatment process, thoroughly explaining everything. They go to great lengths to be accommodating, even working overtime to accommodate the schedules of their overseas patients, as I have observed. When the first splint with temporary teeth that they made for my son was accidentally broken, they kindly fit my son immediately into their busy schedule to make a second splint so he would not have to go to school with missing teeth. I highly recommend this dental clinic to anyone wanting the best dental care possible. Also, the location is very accessible from Airport on Slex – just minutes from Alabang Town Center. I was staying in Laguna and made it here in 30 minutes even with rush hour traffic!
M. Sutherland, USA”


Markus Ludwigshafen – Whatclinic

Got one Cerex crown. I didnt expect that this clinic is operating with that kind of technology.Fortunately the staff could make my crown in only one appointment. Thank you again for that nice looking, precise crown!”


Gilda Las Vegas – Whatclinic

“I had to return because the filling for my diastema discolored easily. I was not asked to pay in my next visit. Friendly and courteous people.”


Johann Baguio – Whatclinic

“We are very pleased with the treatment. The telescope denture is better manufactured than in Europe. It feels perfect.
Great job!
Thanks a lot to the Tooth & Go Dental team.”

Here direct messages we received from one of our satisfied clients:

I needed to have several crowns due to a large gap in my upper mouth. I obtained a treatment plan from my dentist in Brisbane, Australia. The cost was way beyond my means. Over the next two years I did some research into having dental work done overseas, and ended up visiting Manila and the team at Tooth and Go, led by Dr Elkie.

Prior to leaving Brisbane I received a final assurance from my Brisbane dentist about the work that was needed to restore my smile. When Dr Elkie performed an examination she advised that the gap in my mouth was too large for crowns to be effective. He advised that they would only fail after a short period of time. I listened in while Dr Elkie and the team in Manila had a telephone conversation with my dentist in Brisbane, expressing their concerns. My dentist in Brisbane conceded that she had made an error in recommending the treatment in the first place.

I was obviously disappointed, but with my Brisbane dentist, not with Tooth and Go. While I was in Manila I decided to have an impacted tooth removed by the surgical team. It was a difficult extraction, handled very well. Once I recovered I saw Dr Elkie again to discuss future options for the gap in my upper mouth. It was hoped that the bone density would recover sufficiently for implants to be possible at a later time. That was in November 2012. In the last few years I decided that I will just learn to live with the gap in my teeth.

Much to my surprise, I received a follow up email from Tooth & Go just this weekend, advising that Dr Elkie had been reviewing my case and believed he would be able to successfully do the implants and then crowns. Even though I have decided not to continue with the treatment, that is only a personal decision and in no way reflects the very high level of confidence I have with the team in Manila.

The dentists are all extremely professional, and the cost is a fraction of what you pay in Brisbane or other Australian cities. I would confidently say you will receive better treatment at Tooth and Go than in Australia. The clinic also has business deals with a good hotel close to the clinic, I am happy to discuss my experience personally with anybody who is considering using Tooth and Go. You can contact me via penno73@icloud.com.”

“I went to Manila in the Philippines for dental work Sept 2015 as I couldn’t afford the high prices charged here in Australia. I had an implant done as well as other work. I am giving this review because I nearly fell over when I first entered the clinic. It was extremely modern, large comfortable and clean. The work was later approved of by my Australian dentist.

The work was very professional from go to woe with a large number of overseas clients having work done. It proved to be a good choice for me.”‘Tooth and Go Dental Clinic'” info@dentist-manila.com
I will be interested to know how you and your family enjoy the books.


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