Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before full mounth reconstruction

Before full mounth reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is an intensive functional and cosmetic dental treatment recommendable to an individual with severely worn, missing, periodontally compromised or decayed teeth.

The goal of a full mouth restoration is to bring back tooth function and aesthetics. Tooth & Go staff has the experience and know-how to create beautiful dental works, that will embellish our patients’ smile.

The Process

After full mounth reconstruction

After full mounth reconstruction

Our primary goal is to preserve the remaining teeth, but in some cases teeth are no longer savable and prone to extraction. In such cases, dental implants, or bridgework would be the treatment of choice.

In case there are only a few or no remaining teeth, a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants would be recommended, such as All on 4 or All on 6 dental implants.

To prepare and perform this treatment, we use the latest technology such as drill guide machines (Straumann Gonyx drill guide software and machines), Cad cam milling and scanning units, digital jaw measurement devices (Kavo arcus digma), dental lasers and more.

To achieve and regain proper function, typically called “Splint therapy” will be performed prior and after the placement of the permanent crowns. Especially in cases of severe night-grinding, this technique is highly recommended to ensure a long life of the newly placed restorations.


Tooth & Go Dental Clinic can guarantee you a healthy new smile and functional new restorations.

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To satisfy our patients’ demands, we have created a package  for Full mouth reconstructions. Please click here to learn more about prices and costs.

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