Tooth & Go dental clinic uses the latest full glass ceramic material called Vita Suprinity.

Due to this excellent product, Vita, the dental material German manufacturer achieved the status of the leading manufacturer of dental materials worldwide.

vita suprinity

Vita Suprinity represents a mixture between two traditional materials such as zirconium and lithium disilicate, which have never been fabricated before as a compound. The translucency, fluorescence and opalescence of Vita Suprinity recommends this new generation material  for its excellent aesthetic properties.

Its homogeneous structure also provides excellent material consistency, high load capacity and long-term reliability.

Vita Suprinity’s aesthetics properties, in combination with its strength, allow our dentists to offer an advanced treatment and excellent results. From our point of view, Vita Suprinity is the “dental future” in terms of materials. Ever since we started using this material in our clinic, we achieved very good results. And this is why we highly recommend it.

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