A cosmetic procedure to improve the look of the patient’s teeth. It is done by removing small amounts of enamel from the surface of the teeth. This procedure is often combined with dental bonding- using tooth-colored composite to improve the appearance of the teeth. It is a very fast and inexpensive procedure.


As mentioned, this is a cosmetic procedure, meant to improve the appearance of teeth. It is usually used on front teeth. The indications include only patients with minor problems. It can be either teeth that are slightly longer or only a bit oversized. Cracks and uneven edges can also be corrected. The procedure can last for around half an hour, and once you’re out of the office you will have an improved smile.


It is a very simple procedure that often takes a short amount of time. The dentist will start by removing very small portions of enamel from the selected teeth. You will not feel any pain. In some cases, patients complain of discomfort, so anesthesia is always an option. Once they’ve removed the enamel the procedure stops there. They will use special instruments to polish the edges and leave everything smooth and shiny.

If the contouring and reshaping are combined with bonding, there is one more step that follows. If the patient has gaps between the teeth that need to be filled or an uneven surface, that can be done with the bonding procedure. In other words, the dentist uses a composite material to reconstruct the shape. They use a material that is colored exactly the same as the natural teeth. This is a procedure meant for experienced dentists, that know exactly what they are doing. Before placing the composite, the dentist will etch the surface. The following steps include shaping the new form and exposing the material to light so it can become hard. The final step is correcting the shape with rotary instruments and polishing it.

tooth recontouring


The most cost-effective cosmetic procedure that is adored by patients. It is all done during one visit, so there is no need to schedule several ones. The best thing about this tooth reshaping and contouring is that you have the results right away. If the patient is indicated for tooth reshaping and contouring, they will leave the office with a more beautiful smile. If you want a better smile, but simply can’t afford veneers, crowns and bridges this might be the solution for you. Of course, you have to consult a dentist first and know whether your case can be treated with contouring and reshaping.


This procedure is unfortunately not meant for everyone. It has numerous limitations. But the ones that are indicated to have it done are very happy with the results. Patients with small defects such as uneven edges, longer teeth, or a surface that stands out from the surrounding ones. Larger problems such as crowding and spacing cannot be corrected with reshaping and contouring. Once the procedure is done some patients experience hypersensitivity, so they need to be very careful in using abrasive products. They also need additional protection. The enamel is a very thing substance, so it has to be coated once a part of it is removed. Another disadvantage is that your teeth will not be whiter after the contouring and reshaping. They will stay the exact same color. Some patients are not aware of this.