Digital Volume Tomography is one of the latest X-ray techniques at the moment. It can be used in dentistry for many different purposes. It gives an ideal, detailed perspective from all the anatomical structures in the oral cavity. Thanks to this precise technique, dentists can effectively set correct diagnosis and plan a treatment. It is a three-dimensional method that is extremely accurate. Plus, the radiation is minimal. It comes with a sophisticated software that helps the dentist look into tiny details and set proper diagnosis. That way you will always be sure that you’ve had the best x-ray. The process takes only several seconds and the patient doesn’t feel anything.

Dentists use DVT for many different purposes. The most common ones include evaluation of the bone structure before placing implants, evaluation of the maxillary sinus before extraction or placing implants, endodontics, general dentistry, orthodontics, ectopic teeth, the position of wisdom teeth, bone changes, inspection of the joint and more.