Dental services

Our clinic offers all types of dental treatments, such as tooth restoration or tooth cavity filling and space closure especially in the upper front teeth.

We also perform bleaching treatments for discolored tooth. We fabricate crowns, single or fixed bridges and dentures, complete or removable.

We also do precision attachment in case the patient wants to combine the dentures and crowns. We fabricate veneers for those who want to have a more natural looking denture. It is like putting a porcelain in front of the teeth to appear more natural.

This kind of treatment is recommended for patients with heavy tooth discoloration. Orthodontic treatment is also recommended for those who want to have straight teeth.

Minor tooth movement for children under 13 years of age is done for the treatment of mild crowding which can be corrected by a simple appliance like a modified retainer. Our doctors also perform extraction and removal of the wisdom teeth.

We don’t recommend extractions because we would like to save every tooth even if it’s badly broken. As long as the alveolar support is intact it has a good prognosis. That way, we offer root canal therapy. Instead of extracting a tooth, the canal of the tooth is debrided, cleaned and treated to eliminate all the infections.

A special root canal material is then placed inside the canal in replacement for the missing nerve. It is the best way of preserving the natural teeth. We also do cleaning and deep scaling for patients who have a problem with gums, plaque and calcular deposits.

For children with newly erupted teeth, we recommend a fluoride therapy to make the teeth stronger against tooth cavities. Another treatment for children with newly erupted teeth is sealant placement. It consists in placing a filling material in the chewing surface of newly erupted molars.

To describe it properly, newly erupted molars have many grooves or small holes and if they are not properly cleaned, this is where the caries start. So, in sealant placement, it is like sealing or putting something in those small holes, so that food particles will not enter, preventing tooth decay.

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