CEREC Technology : The Future of Dentistry

What is CEREC Dentistry

CEREC (an abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restaurations of Esthetic Ceramic) is a technology used by dentists since 1987 to replace the old fillings, but also to restore the decayed or broken teeth to their natural sthrength and beauty.

This new process uses CAD/CAM technology to design and produce dental crowns on the spot, eliminating the 2, 3 appointments that were necessary for the traditional crowns.


Cerec Crowns – Pros and Cons

No doubt, CEREC technology is one big step ahead in the right direction and it most probably represents the future of dentistry. With less time spent on the dentist’s chair, a significant price reduction for dental works and an improvement of dental implant materials, CEREC dentistry makes a big difference for those who want to have a beautiful smile.
However, there still seem to be some misconceptions in the dental world rergarding this new procedure:

– The cerec dental equipment is considered expensive. However, this high-tech equipment is cost-effective if we think in terms of return of investment: the use of the CAD-CAM system completely eliminates lab fees and the „one visit scenario” surely results in a considerable savings of time and money (the extra time saved can be used for additional production, for example).
– the dentists operating thew CEREC machine should go through special training. To reach the true potential of the machine, dentists should invest the necessary time to master this new technology.

However, the incorporation of this new lab system in dentists’ daily practice has numerous advantages for the doctors and the staff: doctors interested in scientific progress will be have the opportunity to perfect their techniques and break the daily routine by learning to master a challenging cutting-edge technology. This will result in increased job satisfaction which will positively impact the business.

If we add into this equation the marketing benefits offered by the use of the CAD-CAM system, the single-appointment practice and the highly esthetic and durable results, it seems highly advantageous for any practice.

Satisfied with the results of the treatment, CEREC patients will recommend this effective, high-tech experience to others (the referrals will result in a positive image which will impact the short term and long term revenue). Of course, in certain cases, the CEREC restoration is not indicated, but then extra cash flow will be generated from the non-CEREC dentistry performed.

Although this revolutionary dental system may sometimes arouse controversy among specialists, CEREC is still highly appreciated due to its good and fast results: the fillings, the crowns or the cosmetic veneers can be placed in a single appointment using high quality ceramic materials. The restaurations are permanent and natural looking. What more could you ask for?


How Much do Cerec Crowns Cost

Even though they offer many benefits, Cerec Cad Cam crowns are not much more expensive compared to traditional crowns: normally, the price of a CEREC cad cam crown ranges from $380 to $850, depending on the clinic where you choose to have it done.

In need of an extensive dental work? To discover all the advantages of the CEREC crowns, book an appointment to your dentist and ask for a quotation and a possible payment plan.

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