Over the past few years, South Asia has become an increasingly popular dental tourism destination for Europeans, Australians and US citizens in search of quality, low cost treatments.

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Other frequent Philippines visitors come from South Korea, Japan,  Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany.

Due to the rise in dental treatment prices in Australia, over 20% of adults are missing most or all of their teeth and they prefer to go abroad to fix their dental problems. The Philippines in particular attracts many Australian patients who come to the archipelago not only for dental works, but also for enjoying an unforgettable vacation in a sophisticated, idyllic destination.

Manila, Boracay, Davao, Coron Island, Bohol, Batangas, Cebu, Sagada, La Union, Leyte, Banton Island and Samal Island are just some of the beautiful places that yearly attract many tourists all over the world. What can be better than perfect dental work done while you are having fun?

Why is dental tourism in Manila Philippines profitable for Australians

Dental tourism in Manila Philippines is becoming more and more popular, as dental treatment prices in Philippines seem to be a major attraction for tourists.

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), in Australia, a simple dental check-up – including the examination, scale and clean, and a fluoride treatment – should cost around $200. The ADA can’t fix dental treatment prices in Australia, as this would be illegal, so that it is it difficult to know if your dentist is overcharging. Dental care in Australia can therefore be quite costly, and unfortunately large price discrepancies exist between different clinics/doctors.

Average cost of dental treatment in Australia vs The Philippines

Compared to Australia, dental treatment prices in the Philippines are much lower and the results are excellent. For the price of a simple dental check-up in Australia, in Philippines you can get a laser teeth whitening package for two persons or 6 units veneers / all porcelain crowns (which cost around Php 12,000 – US$ 293).

Philippines has become a top quality dental destination due to a competitive foreign exchange program set out by the Government, which allowed the best Filipino students to study dentistry overseas. These students returned as first-class professionals able to offer clients the best dental care done with the help of the latest technology available worldwide.

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