Warranty for our dental works

Warranty dental fillingsWe know that dental treatments require a lot of time and money. It’s never easy to find a good dentist, pay numerous visits to the clinic to solve all dental problems and then come back in case restorations fail in a relatively short time.

This is why our top quality dental clinic offers the following guarantees to our clients.

Guarantee period for our dental works:

  • Tooth fillings – 2 months
  • Tooth fillings with Rubberdam – 3 years
  • Inlay and onlay – 3 years
  • Crowns – 3 years
  • Veneers – 3 years
  • Overdentures – 3 years
  • Removable tooth replacements – 3 years
  • Implants (the product only) – life-time guarantee

Guarantee Conditions

  • The oral hygiene instructions must be respected.
  • The free controls required by the treating dentist are mandatory.
  • The maintenance treatments recommended by the dentist must be performed within 30 days.
  • The tooth replacement should not be exposed to any trauma or bone and gum diseases.
  • The tooth replacement must be used properly; and it should not be exposed to excessive strain.
  • All invoices must be settled.

Warranty options

Situations when the clinic will reduce/void the guarantee:

  • The patient doesn’t participate to the annual control examinations prescribed by the doctor
  • the client does not have a proper oral hygiene
  • the tooth replacement is improperly used, which leads to excessive strain on it
  • problems appear due to poor nutrition and other bad habits
  • the client caused mechanical or chemical damage to removable dentures
  • we observe a disease of the chewing apparatus due to systemic, infectious and tumorous disease
  • accidents and emergency treatments performed after accidents
  • the pacient suffers from physical or mental diseases causing various problems
  • great weight loss over a short period of time
  • Notification of the damage to or deficiencies of the tooth replacement is given after more than 2 work days
  • a root canal treatment is necessary due to previous treatments ( tooth filling, crown preparation)
  • A doctor/technician from a different clinic has repaired the tooth replacement

Whatever your dental problem may be, contact us. Our team of proficient doctors and technicians will make you smile all the time.

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