InLab Mcxl


The inLab mcxl is a latest digital high-end milling machine and grinding unit which provides excellent production options for your dental lab.The inlab mcxl machine is faster, much quitter with the ability to mill larger span frameworks. It is significantly capable of reducing the fabrication times of crown copings. Apart from high speed and precision in its operation, InLab mcxl can switch from grinding to milling in just a few steps and with its many uses your lab particularly benefits form the flexibility and efficient production options of this wonderful machine. Some in the industry have fondly described this grinding and milling machine as being multi-talented because it is able to process a wide range of materials such as zirconium oxides, silicate ceramics, NP-metals and resin. Astonishingly, The InLab mcxl consist of four milling motors and comes with a flexible selection of milling burs. The System software enables materials to be precisely positioned for overnight grinding or milling operations. Because of its unmatchable high speed and flexibility, the InLab mcxl can be highly productive and cost effective in any dental laboratory or clinic.


Maximum high-speed milling

The InLab mcxl saves significant time over tradional all-ceramic method. One of the major challenges that have been facing dental labs for many years was the restoration of the Glass and hybrid ceramic production, but now the InLab mcxl machine does the impossible with a simultaneous double 4 axis processing at an amazing speed which many dentists and technician previous deemed impossible to achieve. With the InLab mcxl machine, dental labs can perform a full anatomical e.max CAD crown within less than 10 minutes. Unquestionably this could be an essential key to success for potential new business models providing digital impression orders within an hour because of its technical and online support.


Precise Grinding

The InLab MC XL works brings about extreme precision courtesy of the EF grinder set (D 0.6) which performs restorations with the highest accuracy in the vicinity of occlusions and interdental spaces and at the preparation margin.

STL import of restoration data

The InLab mcxl is also designed with the ability to match and coordinate well the inbuilt InLab software with the production. However the lab can still exercise other option of data back-up familiar and less complicated such as importing the restorations in STL/XML format from other Computer Aided Designs software as per applicable standards.


Wide Range of materials

Our materials partners as well as Sirona´s computer aided designs offers optimum coordination for maxim high speed and extreme precision processing allowing you as a dentist to fully benefit from the broad range of materials.

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