Fluoride treatment is a preventive measure that involves the use of fluoride to protect the teeth from caries. Fluoride is a part of several types of food and also water in some areas. The treatment uses different sources of fluoride such as rinses, flosses, toothpastes and also a professional preventive treatment in the dental office. It can be used both for children and adults, and it is recommended for people with a high risk of caries. In-office treatments use special gels, foams or varnishes that are based on fluoride. The doctor will apply them on your teeth and the procedure is very simple.


There are numerous ways to get fluoride treatment including toothpaste, mouthwash, gel, varnish, rinse, dental floss. In most places water also contains fluoride. There are many types of food that are rich in this element. The ones you want to include in your diet are walnuts, tea leaves, cocoa powder, dried beans, grape products and more.

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It can be an in-office treatment or use at-home products. At the dental office, you will get professional advice and more tips about how the treatment should proceed. Dentists use a number of different methods to apply fluoride to your teeth. Most of them use gels and varnishes and apply them with swabs or brushes. They contain a high concentration of fluoride. You can also use a number of other products, but you should always follow the advice of your dentist. A lot of toothpaste types contain fluoride, most mouthwashes, dental flosses, rinses and more. Always read the instructions very carefully and follow them blindly.

When you first visit the dentist to get a fluoride treatment your teeth have to be clean. The dentist might additionally brush them with a rotary instrument. That is when they will start applying the product. The procedure is not painful at all. It lasts for about half an hour. After that, the dentist will recommend that you don’t wash your mouth, eat or drink in the following 30 minutes. The at-home products should be used right before going to bed and brushing the teeth because that’s the only time when it’s less possible for the products to be rinsed.

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Fluoride is a very important mineral that is already a part of your tooth’s tissues. It is also the crucial element that is a part of the structure. So when bacteria release acids, they affect the structure and fluoride and other minerals are released. To protect your teeth, and strengthen the structure, even more, it is recommended that patients use fluoride. It always has to be controlled and advised by a professional. Fluoride treatment is recommended for people who have undergone a bleaching procedure to additionally protect their teeth. Other patients who might need a fluoride treatment are the ones with a high risk of caries, patients who live in areas where the water is not fluorinated and more. It is a treatment of choice for both children and adults. It is also more commonly used for kids.