Aldo, we know that bad oral hygiene and stomach problems are the most common problems of bad breath, it can also appear as a result of protein-rich diet, drugs, medications and respiratory dysfunction.
At the end, every 5th male or women are constantly unhappy because of bad breath, and they can not find the cause why it happens. Maybe we can solve some problems, and find some hidden problems.

Drugs and medication

Most of the drugs (antihistaminic, diuretics, antipsychotics, drugs for muscle relaxation) can cause dry mouth ( halitosis). That causes that we do not have production of saliva. When our mouth is dry, the number of bacteria rises, and as a result, we have bad breath.


When you have your medication schedule, you can not skip your therapy, but you can clean your tongue, and dismiss bad breath.

Respiratory system infections

Bronchitis and similar infections of the respiratory system are very common causes of bad breath, because of lungs and sinuses mucus production.

Bacterial infection is going to produce bad breath more than virus infection. The cure is antibiotics. Also, hydration and drinking lot water is something that can dilute mucus and solve bad breath.

Skipping a meal

When you skip a meal, your body is not producing enough saliva. Food particles, from a meal that you earlier had, stay in your mouth for some time and causes bad breath.

Dental caries ( tooth decay), Mouthwash and oral rinses

When you have caries, and your teeth are broken, and food particles with that, you can also have bad breath.

You must go to your dentist and fix your dental problem.

Before buying your mouthwash and oral rinses, you need to consult with your dentist. Some products that you can find in almost all drug stores, shops etc. are nothing more than just perfumes which in the short term make nice smell in your mouth. Often contain alcohol, which dries our mouth, and in the future makes new bad breath. Its very important when you choose your mouthwash and oral rinses which besides nice smell and taste, also have antiseptic action, destroy bacteria which produce bad breath.

One American Institute for microbiology made a successful study of natural products which can solve our bad breath problem. They came to a conclusion that one cup of green or black tea can refresh your breath. Tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols. In laboratory tests, they have reduced bacteria production which produces bad breath. In that way, they reduce the occurrence of sulfur by 30%.

breathing on the mouth

If you are breathing in the mouth, your saliva level is low, your mouth is dry, and the number of bacteria rises. That happens if a person has a cold, allergies, polyps, chronic sinusitis…

Doctors recommend that you keep this in mind and provide better hydration for yourself.


obesityA recent US study has shown that people with an increased body weight index have a greater risk of developing an unpleasant breath.

This occurs because in their digestive system live specific microbes that produce gases and amplify bad breath.

avoiding carbohydrates

if your diet is based on high protein and low carb regime, as famous Atkins diet, bad breath can be a result of that. That kind of diet leads to ketosis, a state in which organism transfers fat and proteins in energy, and causes a lot of acid in the body. That causes bad breath.

The only solution it that situation is to increase your carbohydrate intake.


fruity(sweet) breath, you have high blood sugar.If you have diabetes type 1, your breath can tell a lot about your condition. If you notice that your breath has a sweet taste, it can be possible that you are in the condition called diabetic ketoacidosis… Cute, fruity breath known as ketoacidosis, which resembles the nail polish smell, can be an indication of serious health problems (cause a heart attack or kidney failure ) and is characteristic of diabetes. Other symptoms are nausea, neck tightness, frequent urination…

This problem occurs when the body, due to lack of insulin, cannot digest and use sugar as a fuel.

If you have noticed these symptoms, and you do not have a diagnosis, its required to visit a doctor.

fish breath, problems with the kidneys.

Serious problems with the kidneys, such as their laborious work or even failure, can be read through mouthwash resembling the odor of ammonia and can be compared with the smell of urine or fish. Kidneys clean blood, and when their work is disturbed, they are unable to remove toxins from the blood, and they travel through the body and come out in the form of bad breath through the respiratory system. If you feel this unpleasant smell from your mouth, be sure to consult your doctor.

acid(sour) breath-GERB.

GERB or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a digestive disease caused by the return of gastric contents to the esophagus, causing problems with digestion.

This disorder can cause various disorders such as frequent heartburn, dental enamel damage, frequent inflammation of the throat, as well as poor gastric acid-induced acidic odor.

What can you do to take care of your self?

Prevention and oral hygiene in the first place.

Prevention-Regularly visit a dentist

– it would be desirable at least once in six months. A dentist can help you discover the causes of bad breath, and perform a professional examination and cleansing of the dental cavity. It can also refer you to further medical examinations if the problem of breathing from the mouth is not associated with the oral cavity or insufficient hygiene.

dental hygiene

Conduct the proper hygiene of the oral cavity

– wash your teeth behind each meal with a toothbrush and a paste containing fluorine, a toothpick, and rinse the mouth with a mouthwash. What is very important, and many people ignore it, is cleaning up the language. Change your toothbrush every 2-3 months. If you use a dental prosthesis, take it out in the evening, and thoroughly clean it before re-using it in the morning.

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