Oral Prophylaxis

In laymans term is called “cleaning or polishing of the teeth”. In this procedure, scaling and stain removal were done. Plaques and calcular deposits are remove in each tooth surfaces. There are three categories for determining the degree of gingival plaque or calcular deposit accumulation. We have mild, moderate and severe cases. In mild cases only soft gingival plaque were gathered in localized areas of the tooth surfaces like in the lingual of lower mandibular incisors or lower front teeth.

Moderate cases, on the other hand is described as accumulation of plaque and supragingival calcular deposits on the lingual of lower anterior teeth and in some areas of upper and lower molars associated with bleeding gums due to gingivitis.The severe type of calcular deposit is describe as accumulation of plaque, supragingival and subgingival calcular deposit in all areas of the teeth upper and lower. In these case the teeth is almost covered with a calcular deposit making it hard to recognize the natural tooth structure. It is also associated with bleeding gums and some gingival recession due to subgingival calculus.