High Precision Dental Laboratory

dental laboratoryTooth and Go has its own in-house laboratory that performs all kinds of dental works, from simple crowns and bridges, dentures, up to extreme works like implants.

Our technicians’ combined knowledge and our state-of-the art productions facilities are Tooth and Go’s competitive advantages.

The machines that we are operating are:

Sirona Cerec 3 which integrates  graphics to give us visually-oriented and high resolution images that can be interpreted with the existing expertise.
The machine has a system that allows us to offer our patients superior alternatives to the traditional amalgam fillings and crowns, using ceramics Sirona Inlabthat expand at almost equal rates compared to tooth enamel.

Sirona inEOS scanner is our new way of standard of digitization with user friendly features. With the help of this scanner we shorten the scanning time and we also use its auto-capture function. It provides a clear time advantage even when it comes to difficult preparations.

These machines give us full control and flexibility when dealing with our cases, offering precision and reliability to achieve and enhance the very details of the preparations.

surgical drill guideSirona inLab MCXL machine is for grinding and milling for the widest possible range of production. This machine saves us a lot of time compared to the traditional way of production and flexible fabrication of semi-arch and full-arch models.

To give you a much higher quality products we are using Emax Ceram and Vita porcelain powders, Vita, Emax Cad, Emax Zircad for the blocks.

In our lab, we are also using a tool called Straumann Gonyx. This device is a high precision tool, indicated for the fabrication of surgical drill guides. All our implant cases are planned and performed with this tool to guarantee a precise, safe and fast implant placement.

With all these machines and materials, it is easy for us to give you a high-quality smile makeover.